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Are you a slave to your job?

The American Revolution was fought because the American Colonists felt that they were being oppressed by high taxes and a lack of autonomy.

How many Americans have become slaves to a job - leaving far too little time to influence the lives of their children because they have to worry too much about keeping a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on the table.

Taxes are even taken out of a W-2 salary before we get paid, so after all of that work, we only get what’s left over.

My career, which has been chock full of experiences and real accomplishments, is best summarized as 32 Years a Slave!

After many years with no vacation time together, we recently took a family trip to Cancun, MX. When I say “we”, three of my four children joined us. The oldest had to work because she is on track to be just like me…

Where did she learn that?


We provide the resources that will inspire and enable over-worked, under-paid heroes like yourself to create multi-generational wealth!

John Ballif

My name is John Ballif and I found an amazing opportunity through my friend Alan Cordaro...  [He introduced me to] a great real estate education company that teaches you all the dynamics of buying real estate, selling real estate, buying rentals to flipping properties , even getting into commercial and multi family housing. They teach you the basics about marketing, what to look for when you buy a property, the tax and legal angle.

Because of the great ... education,

  • I was able to acquire, purchase, and remodel a property, all legally and with the protection I needed to secure my investment.
  • I was able to flip a house, saving my friend from foreclosure and I made $44,000 gross which gave me a $24,000 net profit. They taught me how to levy my credit to have the 20K I needed to invest into the house to catch up the mortgage, do the necessary repairs, and pay the 3% for both the buyer and the seller agents.
  • After all the bills were paid, I collected the equity remaining in the property. [The education] taught me how to analyze the deal so I could make money from the transaction which helped the property owner from an imminent foreclosure and the bank even got their money too.
  • [The] instructors are all active professionals in their field and they do a great job!

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I'm Alan, your coach.  I'd like to invite you to read my story and learn more about how I'm revolutionizing my own financial future.

Your Education

We have four extensive training packages that are kept current as markets and laws change.


Business Credit Decoded

"Business Credit Decoded is an insider's guide on how to build an exceptional business credit score and profile for any business. This book will reveal how a business owner can be approved for tens-of-thousands of dollars in revolving credit cards and credit lines. Plus, this special book reveals how business owners can secure large amounts of cash funding for their business without a personal guarantee required from the business owner. Learn the insider secrets of the business credit world and be approved for more money than you have ever imagined before!" -Google Books

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"Time doesn't slow down

"Time doesn't slow down

The minutes, days, and hours keep passing by.

The children grow up.

The value of the dollar declines.

Meanwhile, the roof deteriorates"