I have wanted to invest in real estate all of my life...

real estate investor and coach

Hello!  I'm Alan Cordaro.

At age 8, I was working for my uncle who was an excavator putting in drain fields. At 16, I worked for another uncle who was a painter. At 19, I hung dry wall for 3 years and thought about owning my own drywall company until the building industry crashed in 1981.

At that point, not understanding the cyclical nature of real estate markets, I left the building industry and went to college to study electrical engineering. While in college, I read Robert Allen’s Nothing Down and Creating Wealth which ignited a life-long interest in real estate investing, but when I graduated from college I chose to see the world and work overseas.

While working as a defense contractor in the field of airborne surveillance for over two decades I had up-close, first-hand experience of some interesting world events such as North Korea’s secret tunnel building toward the South from 1986-1988, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, SCUDs falling in Israel’s Negev Desert during the ensuing Gulf War, and drug interdiction initiatives in the Caribbean, but I never found the same level of satisfaction that I used to get from walking into a studded house in the morning and leaving with all white walls and ceilings in the afternoon.

Through the years I had often thought about engaging in real estate investing, but it was impossible as I traveled from one end of the planet to the other. When I finally settled down and started my family, I bought classes from Russ Whitney, then Carlton Sheets, and finally purchased all of Robert Kiyosaki’s books along with his game CashFlow. Inspired by Kiyosaki’s writings and game, I finally bought a house in 2004, tore the roof off, and put a second floor on it. 2008 came and I saw my equity position decline from $1.2M to $725k; half a million dollars evaporated in a few short months.

Had I been properly educated I would have built a Cape Cod rather than satisfying my personal dream of building a log cabin and I would have realized a much greater profit. I had the rehab know-how and the wherewithal to do and oversee the work, but I lacked the knowledge and expertise that would have enabled me to maximize my profit.

Now, I have access to some of the best real estate investment mentors in the country packaged for 24x7 access and maintained by a company whose mission it is to empower one million entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support to become financially free.

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