Homeschooling Paradise


We are a homeschooling family. Because of so many of my “politically incorrect” views, I have no confidence in the current education system to know what is right or wrong for my children. The public-school system has an agenda, and that agenda is to turn our children into “good citizens of a humanistic world”; a…

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Real Estate Investing – Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda


At the time of my first attempted investment property acquisition, we had lived in a townhouse that I had purchased twelve years earlier, just after escaping from Iraqi occupied Kuwait (that’s a story for another time!). I bought that townhouse for $172k and had dreams of paying off the mortgage quickly, but twelve years later,…

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Funding With Your Own Fortune

In early 2010, while still engaged in completing my 4-year plus rehab project of the log cabin and seriously considering an entrepreneurial career change, I was approached by a friend who was then (and still is) successfully engaged in high-end custom home building in southern FL. He inquired as to my interest in becoming an…

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A Better Way To Fund Your College Education

college funding

Today the average student graduates with $30,0001 in student loan debt.  That is about 10% of the average American mortgage debt ($309,2002), which is the amount that a home buyer would generally want to apply as a down payment. The average graduating college student begins their first job at a salary of $50,0003.  The average monthly…

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Real Estate Investing: What I Didn’t Know DID Cost Me

My first real estate investment deal followed about sixteen years of way too much thinking about it, and zero years of educating myself on how to do it properly. When I was in college during the early 1980s, I read Robert Allen’s best-selling book about real estate investing, “Nothing Down”. By the end of the…

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