ARV exists to Revolutionize your own personal attainment of the American Dream by teaching and coaching you to participate in the Ventures that will enable you to establish multi-generational wealth.

Many people are under the impression that real estate investing only consists of Fixing and Flipping single-family homes.  This myth is propagated by the popular HGTV fix and flip “reality” shows, but the real truth is that real estate investing is far more extensive than just that.

People’s investment personalities are far more diverse than a mere single slice of the real estate pie. Remember diversity is the spice of life.

We are experts at first identifying your own personal Investor ID.  Even within the Fix and Flip genre alone, there are Walmart investors and Nordstrom investors with a number of varieties in between.

All bear an equivalent potential for profitability, but your comfort zone will be uniquely specific to you. We will help you to determine your own unique approach and then we’ll tailor your education and coaching to your unique niche.

Once you’ve made your first million in Walmart single-family properties you might choose to change your focus to Nordstrom single-family properties or multi-family apartment buildings or complexes, commercial buildings or business parks, land development, or maybe you’ll even decide not to do properties anymore at all, but will instead decide to just move paper and switch to Notes and Liens.

We have expert practitioners in all of these spaces that are intent on transforming you into an expert practitioner as well. All of our approaches have unlimited growth potential in all 50 states through good markets and bad markets and there are specific strategies to ensure your success through every type of market including flat ones.

Before you start investing heavily we will work with you to utilize your low-to-no-risk training deals to pay off all of your debt including your car loan(s) and mortgage. Once you are unencumbered by any debt you will be off to the races to use all of your assets to build multi-generational wealth while teaching your children a work ethic that will make them worthy to wield that wealth in their own lives. They’ll also learn to accept the responsibility that comes with great wealth as they learn to grow what you begin so that they can propagate your new dynasty from generation to generation.

One of the primary objectives of ARV is to transform our clients into successful Venture practitioners. Just as Vince Lombardi focused on the football fundamentals of blocking and tackling to become one of the greatest professional football coaches in history, ARV has its own core set of fundamental techniques which we will weave into the essence of our client’s lives.

We believe that one of the keys to subject mastery is learning to teach others as one begins to master the fundamentals themselves, so from the very outset we will be encouraging our clients to teach others what they are learning and practicing.

Our investing fundamentals begin with getting one’s financial house in order. That process starts with credit repair and credit optimization which focuses on eliminating liabilities and maximizing your financial assets.

Most people are not aware that US retirement accounts are a 13 trillion dollar source of investment funds. Most people are not optimizing their return on those funds by relying on the Wall Street casino and could do much better by investing in real estate and other revenue generating resources which they can control personally.

We will teach and practice the value of tax savings through the operation of a small business and the first prototype business will revolve around the marketing and sale of the very real estate investment educational services which you are using to drive your own investing success. This business will immediately provide an opportunity for our clients to earn $1k to $10k per month with effectively no upside profit limit.

Once you have established your investing resources including OPM sources we will examine your personality and preferences in order to identify your own personal investor ID.

With your funding and personal preferences in place we will sit with you to design a thorough and detailed multi-generational wealth execution plan. With plan in place you will be coached to success as you also learn the art of coaching others.

Below are the 8-Step fundamentals which you will master on your path to success:

Step 1: Credit Repair

Step 2: Maximize the Utilization of your Assets (while minimizing or eliminating your Liabilities).

Step 3: Use Retirement Assets (yours or those of others)

Step 4: Establish immediate new streams of income

Step 5: Establish tax savings through small business ownership

Step 6: Establish your own personal investor ID

Step 7: Develop an execution plan with your involvement

Step 8: Coach you through the execution of your plan

To develop food and energy self-sufficient farming communities. 

American Revolutionary Ventures’ (currently a Utah-based C-Corporation) primary mission is to develop 13 food and energy self-sufficient 450+ acre farm-based communities in the US modeled after with each architecturally theme-based on original colonies. The Colonies will bear names such as Jamestown, Plymouth Rock, Williamsburg, Charleston, etc.

To generate the development funding required for the first couple of Colonies, a Conservation Easement strategy will be utilized wherein the first couple 450+ acre farms will be acquired with personal funds. Once the parcels are owned by ARV professionals will be contracted to generate Conservation Easement valuation plans. The parcels will then be subdivided with 25% designated for residential development and 75% held over for the Easement with organic farming allowed.

Each development will have a co-located "Made in the USA" anchor factory outside of the Easement area for the sake of creating no-commute jobs for residents that would be inclined toward such "careers".

Available jobs would range from plant operations management to safety and quality management to engineering to logistics and, of course, there would be as many line worker positions as the residents would desire. We would implement as much automation as would make financial sense to make these state-of-the-art manufacturing excellence models while not aiming to eliminate line worker positions which is one of the key objectives of these facilities. Valuable, top-quality products and employee salaries (not corporate profits) would be the primary financial objective of these businesses.

A solar power system which stores energy in the form of super-heated liquids within underground tanks would be the primary energy source. These super-heated liquids would be used to provide radiant heating, cooling, and refrigeration as well as small, efficient steam engine generated electricity that would power LED lighting, computers, and entertainment equipment.

Hydrogen and/or wind systems, as available, might also be used to supplement power needs if solar energy is not sufficient at any of the locations.

The components needed for these energy systems would be a chief candidate as the products of some of the manufacturing facilities.

Farming and food processing practices would be based upon the successful models used by Polyface Farms. Surplus organic farm products would be made available to outside consumers after first providing for the needs of the Colony residents.